Can Shapewear Really Be Sexy?

These days, there is no doubt that the answer can be a resounding yes, yes and YES!

I’m sure that I’m not alone in wondering why I would want to wear shapewear.  Like many people, I didn’t realise the extent and nature of what contemporary, fashionable shapewear could do. 

To many of us, shapewear is a word you never want to associate with yourself.  It conjures up images of ugly under garments which are suffocating to wear or even worse, cut into the skin.

Shapewear used to be like wearing a bandage. Removing it was an ordeal especially after a few drinks.  As you peeled  yourself out of your shapewear, you sometimes even needed to enlist the help of another person – and you would  never have chosen your partner to be that helper! 

Not any more!  That is the shapewear of yesteryear.  Not the sexy pieces of lingerie that comprise the shapewear choices available today.   

 In summary, shapewear is a low-cost, non-surgical alternative destined to make you look great in outfits that you never thought you could wear.  Think of today’s shapewear as sexy underwear that has the added advantage of giving you some extra support. 

That in itself boosts your confidence.   And that new-found confidence makes you feel good.  And, believe me if you feel good about how you look, you look sexy to other people. 

Shapewear is not something you wear because you don’t like your body.  It is a tool, like high heels, that makes you feel good in what you’re wearing.  Shapewear works with you to maximize your curves.  It is a tool which you can wear to define your waistline if you – like most of us – aren’t blessed with the hourglass figure of tiny waist and curvy hips. 

But many people don’t view shapewear items as hot or sexy and would be reluctant to allow them to be on view.  They aren’t aware how much the fabrics, designs and styles of shapewear have advanced since the days of the impossible to remove, Granny type of girdle of yesterday.

Today there are options which you would actually want your partner to see you wearing.  Let him see your underclothes before lights out!  

Silky, microfiber slips in hot colors with in-built briefs fulfil a smoothing and shaping role.  Or you can choose a half slip which is cut with a high waist to give you a skinny midriff and to accentuate your curvaceous hips.  This can be the ultimate in shapewear for wearing under body con dresses or skirts.   Some half slips are able to lift your butt and keep your stomach in too. 

Plunging necklines and lace add sexiness to any item of underclothing.  Many of the new shapewear pieces have the addition of lace and plunging necklines so they can be worn under low cut tops or dresses. 

Strapless bodysuits, bras or slips also provide a solution when choosing a sexy piece of shapewear which will definitely make you feel and look sexy. 

You can get camisole tops or sculpted body suits which are so pretty they definitely need no covering up.  Some with satin detailing exude sexiness to what would otherwise be a plain bodysuit.

In short, yes shapewear can make you look fantastic.  Your partner or soon-to-be partner will be amazed at how good you can look at 4 in the morning.  Your body con dress makes you look hot,  toned and most definitely sexy.  Once you take off your dress and are glimpsed in a piece of gorgeous shapewear, you will be amazed at how good and sexy you feel – you won’t want your night to end!

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