How Comfortable is Shapewear?

If shapewear is not considered the most sexy of underclothes, it has become a staple of many wardrobes.  It really is perfectly possible to wear shapewear all day and remain comfortable. 

It is a practical choice and one which can enhance and transform your outfit.   Although sexy bras and matching briefs are very appealing when worn on their own, they are not designed to give you protection against wardrobe malfunctions.  Visible panty lines need to be avoided, and you want to be able to have the confidence that you look good whatever your shape.

The effects that can be achieved with a firm level of compression are amazing.  But just how much discomfort are you prepared to put up with?  Are you willing for your shapewear to cut off your blood supply or to dig into and chafe your skin?  This might be rather an exaggeration but the degree of comfort that your shapewear will give you is an important factor to consider when choosing the pieces.  You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing and if you’re not, then you will lose the confidence boosting benefit of the shapewear garment. 

Items of shapewear that are made with a blend of breathable materials will be easier to move in.  Cotton and nylon will help you feel cool.  Garments made in fabric designed to make you sweat, like latex, can be extremely hot to wear for long periods. 

Shapewear should not be uncomfortable and if it is, then the most probable reason is that it is not the right size. Ideally, you will go into a specialist store and get measured properly.  If you can’t get into a store to be physically measured, then you need to pay careful attention to the size guide and measuring sections.  Shapewear is not sized the same as other types of clothing.

You need to measure your bust, waist and hips unless you are ordering a waist trainer in which case you only need to measure the waist.  The tape measure needs to lay flat, not twisted and not pulled too tight. 

If having completed the measurements, you see from the sizing charts that you are in between sizes, you should always order the larger size.  You will achieve more flattering results. 

The style of garment you have chosen can also play a large part in the comfort you obtain.  The cut and the adjustability of the garment should also be chosen with care. 

The level of compression, or shaping power makes a big difference to the degree of comfort you will have when wearing it.  Strong compression can feel very stiff to wear.  It can feel very uncomfortable especially at first.  But for some people, they like the high compression and support achieved particularly on areas such as the bust and back. 

Lower levels of compression are more flexible and usually more comfortable, making it a great choice if you want to wear your shapewear for extended periods of time.  Lighter fabrics, and  less support compression will still provide you with some smoothing and shaping and if seamless, then no panty lines will  be visible. 

It is likely that you will want to include a mixture of compression levels in your shapewear wardrobe in order to accommodate different occasions. 

A very useful way to get accustomed to wearing certain shapewear garments is to start off wearing the item for just an hour or so a day.  Gradually you can build up the length of time you wear it for until after a few weeks you will be able to keep it on for longer.   You will have become accustomed to the compression and it will feel more comfortable.

This is a good idea if you are planning to wear a piece of shapewear like a waist trainer under an outfit for a special occasion.   Your body needs time to adjust to wearing a waist trainer and although it is good to wear it for a whole day, you certainly don’t want to wear it for the first time for eight or more hours!

Another helpful tip to keep your waist trainer as comfortable as possible is to remember that it has adjustability.  Use this throughout the day.  You can loosen it in the afternoons for example when you will have gained fluids and it will feel tighter.  This will give you more breathing room, therefore more comfort.

If you find that the waist trainer is not comfortable being in direct contact with your skin, you can consider wearing a light cami underneath.  This will also help to protect the waist trainer from damage caused by the oil of your skin.  So choose your shapewear with care.  Consider what you want to achieve and how regularly you will be wearing it.   And above all, don’t wear shapewear that is really hurting you.  You never need to wear something that will completely alter your shape.

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