How to Build a Shapewear Wardrobe

So you’ve decided that shapewear is going to help you look great and get into outfits which otherwise you couldn’t or wouldn’t wear.  

How do you know what you should choose and what pieces of shapewear should you buy?   Where should you buy your shapewear? What are the main rules to observe when purchasing shapewear clothing?

If you’ve never bought shapewear before, you won’t have any preconceived ideas of what you’re getting yourself into. This may or may not be an advantage!

 If you have unpleasant memories of big, very tight knickers that didn’t flatter your figure at all and were so hot and uncomfortable to, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  The shaping garments produced today should be relatively comfortable at least. 

The different levels of compression available mean that you can choose just how much you want to change your existing figure.  You can target individual areas, such as thighs, stomach, bottom or arms. 

Whatever you choose, you must observe the number one golden rule.  Never buy shapewear that is too tight.  This is the main reason that people find shapewear uncomfortable to wear.  So proper and accurate measuring is essential.   The second reason you should never buy shapewear too small is that it will cause bulging in places you don’t want.  It will end up making you look larger than you are. 

For the first time, it’s definitely worth a trip to a store.  You can get measured properly, you can try on different makes.  You can look at and try out various styles.  And if your objective is to be able to wear a specific dress or outfit, then take that with you so you can try your shapewear pieces with it.

It is recommended to start with basic shapewear pieces such as tights.  You can then progress to panties, body suits, and other items of underwear clothing.

Choose items that closely match your skin’s natural shade if you want to get the most flexibility from your shapewear.

If you start with tights, you can select shapewear pieces that target different body areas such as thighs, waist, hips or bottom.   Some will slim down the whole of your legs.  Shapewear tights are designed to smooth out lines of panties. If you prefer, you can opt for a butt boosting style.  Nowadays, the waist band should not roll down as they did in the past, providing you haven’t chosen tights that are a size too small.   

Another essential item for your shapewear wardrobe is the full body suit. A bodysuit should hold in your stomach and also make your hips appear slimmer.  They can have a chest cut out which is a good idea unless you wish to minimize your chest size.  Because the full body suit can flatten your chest rather like a sports bra does, having a cut out enables you to wear the body suit with a separate bra.

Another option to consider is a butt boosting design.  This is a good choice if you don’t want the body suit to flatten your bottom.  Some of these designs come with padding to create extra boost.  Others have seamed panels which can lift your bottom, and others have cut outs.  

There are so many varieties, styles, shapes out there that it’s a really good idea to try on the body suit if possible.  Look for an overall smoothing effect.  Different designs can result in different effects on different bodies.  Some will create bulges in new areas for example where the seams are. 

The camisole top is an item of clothing which often does not need to be hidden.   You can get these cami tops in designs and fabric that look like regular clothing.  So they can be on show, and can look attractive as well as helping to hide bulging on your back and around your bra. 

With panties, the choice is even larger.  You need to decide which parts of your body you want the panties to enhance.  And then select the style accordingly.  Choose short-like options if you want to have slimmer looking thighs, but be careful the bottoms of the legs are not going to dig into your skin.  For a sleeker look, not targeting the thigh region, you can opt for a brief type of panties. 

If you want to flatten your stomach, then you should select a design with a high waist, and a panel which covers the stomach. 

Once again, it is possible to get butt boosting panties as with the body suit.

If you are planning on wearing a dress or a skirt, then you might be intending to wear a slip underneath.  You can choose a shapewear option to give you a little flattening help.  A shapewear slip will eradicate panty lines, and help with bulges.  This is especially useful if you are wearing dresses made of a thin material.  When choosing a slip, make sure you look at the strap lines and the necklines to make sure it won’t be visible when you are wearing your dress. 

Another reason to try on your shapewear with your outfit is that it gives you the opportunity to sit in it and make sure that the shapewear isn’t  going to be on show under your clothes when you are in the sitting position. 

Think about when you will be wearing your shapewear and choose a cotton blend fabric if you need breathability and don’t want to get too hot.  Finally remember that wearing shapewear is all about boosting your self-confidence.  It’s not about hiding your body shape, nor is it about the size you wear.  Shapewear is all about how you wear your size.

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