What are the Most Popular Shapewear Pieces?

If you have decided it’s time to update your lingerie drawer, then you should definitely consider adding some shapewear pieces.  These additions will lift and shape you in the right places.  They will hold you in if you want them to.  If you choose some seamless pieces, they will make your clothes fit and look much better. 

The choice of shapewear available today can be overwhelming. 

There are bras, panties, nightwear, beachwear and sportswear available as well as the most popular shapewear items.


A bodysuit featuring a plunging neckline and low back, with seamless leg openings and an opening gusset, this is one of the most popular items available.   It is the addition of little details such as adjustable or removable straps that make this the perfect choice for women wanting a piece of shapewear that they can wear under low cut tops or dresses. 

Bodysuits are also available with molded cups to enhance the shape of your bust and you can adjust the tightness as desired.  Others have a push up bra which looks great under different neckline styles.  Some have openings in the front so you can show off some flesh.  Others have mid thigh length shorts which provide additional support. 

Open bust options provide a solution to someone who wants the support on their tummy, back and butt but who wants the flexibility to wear their own bra.  In addition to open bust options, some bodysuits also have an open crotch to avoid having to remove it to go to the bathroom. 

Many body suits are available in plus sizes offering firm control when desired. 

Mid Length Shaping Thigh Shorts

These are best sellers due to the multiple areas they can shape.  They are able to sculpt your stomach and your thighs.  Some of these have special pockets which can lift and firm your butt.  Popular colors are black and nude and these will become an essential in your wardrobe.

Any item designed to shape your bottom should be high waisted as it will provide the best control and shaping.  They will lift your butt and smooth out your hips and stomach area.

Incredibly, shaping shorts are now available with one longer and one shorter leg to work with high leg slit dresses or skirts!

Control Top Thong

To eliminate unwanted panty lines, wearing a control top thong is just the answer.  Completely seamless, this piece of shapewear will smooth your stomach and midriff.   The thong style will flatter your bottom curves.  It should feel great on and they come in a beautiful range of styles. And the best thing, it will be completely undetectable under your clothes. 

You can get shaping thongs that are high waisted to give even more support.  Some of the highest waisted thongs are good to wear for smoothing  the stomach whilst not creating panty lines.

Comfortable to wear and available in lightweight fabrics, a shaping thong can also be the ideal solution when it is too hot to wear heavier pieces of shapewear. A shaping thong is the ultimate in a piece of sexy shapewear.  It is very popular because it is a thong and works just as well with jeans as it does with dresses.


The best shapewear briefs are those that are high waisted and with control tops.  The most popular briefs are those which compress but don’t pinch or rub when they are worn.  They should provide you with smooth shaping results.

Briefs must never chafe your skin and the best and the most popular designs are those that work with the body.  Instead of trying to squeeze and suck everything in, a good pair of shaping briefs will enhance the waist and the hips.  If they do a good job then they will be comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Shapewear briefs can be functional but also pretty.  The addition of lace takes away the Granny image of shapewear undergarments.  And because more and more people are realizing they don’t need to be ashamed of wearing shapewear, pretty lingerie is popular. 

 Tanks and Camis

A shapewear cami will smooth both your front and your back but it will not flatten your bust area. 

If it has wide straps, then this will hide your bra straps, and the cami will stay flat underneath your clothes. 

Get a good one though, as you don’t want it rolling up as you wear it.  It should cinch your tummy and also be comfortable to wear. 

Some camis are reversible with a round neck on one side and a V neck on the other. 

Many tanks are made from soft material, have flexible necklines and are often attractive enough to wear on their own with trousers.   The one rule with a shaping tank is that you should not put it on over your head.  Instead, step into it and pull it up.   Tanks come in all sorts of control levels.  They don’t need to be incredibly tight in order to obtain the desired smoothing and shaping effect.


Sleek leggings boast a hidden control panel in the waistband.   This will work on your stomach, hips and waist.  They should contain a percentage of Elastane in the fiber blend.  This will give a comfortable and stretchy fit.  Legs and butt look toned and there is a wide range of colors available. 


Tights are available with a control top panel to make legs look nice and toned as well as shaping  butt and stomach areas.  Due to their design, even the control top is comfortable to wear and they are lightweight. 

There is a huge range of other items available under the Shapewear heading, but these are the most popular.   The items above are considered to be the essentials of many a woman’s wardrobe. 

But whatever your aim, there is a piece of shapewear out there to suit.  Shapewear is all about making the best of your body.   It focuses on bringing out your self-confidence through enhancing your body’s natural beauty.  In short, celebrate your curves!

Waist Trainers

This is one of the best selling, most popular of all shapewear garments.  The reason is simple, all body sizes and shapes can look better with a toned down midriff, slimmer waist and sleeker hips.  Waist trainers therefore are designed to shape and support.  They provide tummy control, butt lifting and waist cinching.  Often they have firm compression levels and to ensure they are comfortable, it is recommended to start wearing it for a short period at first.  After a few weeks, you can wear it for longer periods until you have built up to wearing it all day. Once you have dipped your toe into the shapewear pond, why not go one step further and look at the range of swimwear, leggings and other items that are now available and becoming more and more popular!

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