What is Shapewear and What Does it Do?

Shapewear is a piece of clothing which provides a level of compression around parts of your body. 

Primarily, shapewear is underwear which holds in your excess fat.  There are three main areas of the body which are affected – your stomach, bottom, and love handles. 

The result of wearing such underwear is that you will appear to have lost some inches when you wear certain outfits. There will be less bulging in the wrong places.

Shapewear has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years; it no longer just pushes the fat about but successfully holds it in.  It no longer is so uncomfortable that you have to run to the bathroom and remove it after a few minutes. 

You can choose whether to opt for low, middle or high degrees of compression depending on what your objectives are. 

The biggest effect of wearing shapewear however is not the number of inches you will appear to have lost around your midriff or elsewhere.  The most important result will be the boost it gives to your self-confidence.    Looking good, feeling good!

Let’s face it, we’re not all blessed with the body of our dreams!  So if we can simply put on a piece of clothing and instantly look good in whatever outfit we choose to wear, then imagine how good that will make you feel.

Coupled with this increased self-confidence, comes a further benefit of shapewear – your posture will be greatly enhanced.  Walking straighter gives you a confident look, and if you look confident you will feel more confident too.  Others will see this confidence in you when you walk down the street.  

This is an added benefit of shapewear which is also good for your back.  If you have a sedentary job, wearing shapewear will reduce the tendency to slouch. 

Shapewear is what many people who are seeking an instant fix to are turning to.  Men as well as women are discovering the benefits of wearing shapewear. 

Of course it isn’t the ultimate remedy for someone anxious to lose weight from a health point of view.  But losing inches around certain parts of your body is extremely difficult.  It can take a long time and in the intervening period, you can feel disillusioned and drained.  So shapewear is often chosen to complement the start of the fitness journey. 

Wearing shapewear can provide you with the motivation to begin a major life change like a diet or exercise plan.   For example obtaining a tight, flat stomach can be very difficult.  And yet, you want to wear on trend clothing such as skinny jeans, leggings, tight tops or dresses.  And you want to feel good in what you choose to wear.  This is especially true if you are planning on attending an important social or professional event. 

Once you can see the effect that shapewear can have on your figure that enables you to see how your body could look and gives you the impetus to carry on.

Shapewear can provide you with a look akin to that achieved by holding in your stomach.  Your stomach will appear flatter.  And you don’t have to remember to continue to suck in your stomach if you are wearing shapewear!

Wearing shapewear will give you a much more defined waist.  You can choose the support level you want.  Opting for a piece with the firmest support may only be possible if you intend to wear your desired outfit for just a couple of hours.  Otherwise it may not be comfortable. 

On the other hand, many pieces of shapewear are designed to be comfortable to wear all day.  Such pieces will typically have lower, medium levels of support but will give you the combined benefit of comfort and support.

As you can see, shapewear can give you diverse and numerous results, some less expected than others.  Once your friends and family notice how good you look, they too will want to know your secret!

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